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We're dedicated to helping families achieve their business and personal objectives. That’s why we've created PwC's Next Hub, a fully integrated business, finance and wealth management solution.

With PwC's Next Hub, your family members will be in a position to realise their aspirations while providing the best possible chance for family harmony and continuity.

See the whole picture in one place

PwC's Next Hub provides a live, integrated view of all your financial, investment and tax information. The intuitive and highly configurable interface enables you to integrate data and produce real-time reports from an ever-growing ecosystem of cloud applications.

Importantly, you can combine data from different entities to give you unique insights into performance across the family portfolio. Individual family members can have a custom view displaying the information that is relevant to them ensuring transparency.

Everything you need to know at your fingertips

PwC's Next Hub gives you complete control to choose what information you see and when. Unlocking this information gives unprecedented insight into how your assets and entities are performing, providing the perfect platform to protect and grow the wealth of your family.

You will know the exact financial position of the family financial affairs at any moment in time – as will your team of expert advisors – empowering you to make the important strategic decisions.

Reimagining your adviser relationship

PwC's Next Hub gives you access to PwC's global network of experts with deep industry expertise and financial knowledge. We can work with your existing team, or streamline your current structure so they can refocus elsewhere. PwC's Next Hub's powerful data and reporting capabilities can provide instant access to information that you may be currently processing manually and is locked away in multiple spreadsheets.

The real revolution of PwC's Next Hub is how it transforms your relationship with your advisors. Access to live data means PwC's experts can offer proactive insights, answering questions before they have been asked. Key decisions such as how to best structure for tax or when to sell an asset can be based on all the relevant facts, when you need them.

Evolving with your business

PwC's Next Hub is constantly evolving, just like your family business. We continue to incorporate best of breed technology solutions into the platform including accounting, reporting and operational applications to increase automation, provide greater analytics and enhance advisory insight.

We can add new applications, build widgets and tailor the dashboards to suit your unique requirements. This means you can continue to work with your favourite cloud applications or those of your current financial team. Now you can have them all in one place, sharing data to give you a single, holistic view of your current financial position.

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