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Before moving to the cloud, ask these 3 questions 27 May 2016

Jack Singleton from Roses Only

Jack Singleton's gift delivery business FlowersCorp would not be able to operate if its operations were not in the cloud. The business was incorporated in 2005, and since then it has acquired Fast Flowers, Baby Buds, as well as its flagship transaction, Roses Only, to create Australia's biggest delivered gifts brand. One of Singleton's co-founders, Anthony Rohde, took the decision to put everything in the cloud from the start, so anyone in the business could access information about it from anywhere in the world.

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ezyCollect, Shoeboxed among apps taken to next level by PwC 14 Mar 2016

PwC cloud evangelist Dyean Moodley

Growth is great, but cash flow can be a killer. It was a lesson hard learned by A.J. Singh, during the years that he and his father ran Medirite, a business which imported and manufactured healthcare and safety products.

However, Singh's lesson spawned a solution that has seen him join an elite group of app builders about to have their products made available to more than 10,000 private businesses across Australia and New Zealand, as PwC rolls out its Next dashboard to clients.

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Start-up Maestrano powers PwC Next 23 Feb 2016

Stephane Ibos, CEO of Maestrano

PwC has become a cornerstone client for Maestrano, with the start-up's cloud platform of third-party apps being used to power the professional services firm's new dashboard for private clients.

PwC's Next Hub combines multiple cloud accounting tools and integrated cloud applications on Maestrano's open platform, supported by customisable dashboards that provide a holistic view of a client's entire portfolio, including business trends, in real time.

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